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Cars cause CO2 gas that causes Global Warming?...
Ok, SODA POP has CO2 in it (soda water)!
So...every time you drink a Coke, you are contributing to
Did you know that when water in the ground comes in contact
with limestone, CO2 gas is released from the rock. It seems that
MAN is not the only source of CO2 in the atmosphere. Volcanoes,
forest fires and other natural causes of CO2 have been dumping
vast amounts of this natural gas into the Earths atmosphere for
way longer than we have.
But if you really want to help reduce the amount of CO2 in the
atmosphere, here is what we can do!
On space craft, they get ride of CO2 by pumping their air through
a filter that absorbs the CO2 right out of the air!
I intend to build giant CO2 filters to erect in my back yard
to absorb all the excess CO2 out of the atmosphere so I can
counter the rise in human CO2. This must be very expensive
so I am asking for your help! Please support my cause to ride
the Earth of all this evil man made CO2! Please send your
Donations to me by clicking here!
I will build as many filters as I have funds for so send in as
much as you can afford!
Thank you for your support and let's save the Earth before
Man destroys it!


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