______Radio Station KHOG with Jack Downer!_______

What you are hearing is a recording done years ago by Jack Downer and I. When I was a teenager, I did allot of crazy things, like making my own Radio Station, or at least we thought we were our own radio station, making tape recordings. KHOG was created by an accident, recording silly things with a childhood friend that lived down the street. Jack was a funny guy that liked pranks. Once he snagged his brothers rocket, glued the cone on to the rocket tube so the parachute charge would blow the rocket apart, and then stuffed an oversized rocket engine in the bottom. That sucker went straight up and disappeared into a puff of smoke. Anyway, enjoy these silly, stupid kids, and all of their retarded comments. Remember that these are teenagers, and may say things that may be offensive to some. In fact, one comment is BLEEPED OUT! Can you guess what was said?
Enjoy the stupidity of KHOG!


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