Roland TD 20 V-Pro Series We used to use miced off acoustic drums ran through gated effects and blasted over a PA system. While a miced drum set is potent, it's performance in sound quality and diversity doesn't scratch what we can do with this Roland TD 20 V-Pro Series Electronic Drumset. Its sound quality is beyond anything I expected. It sounds totally profesional. This set has 50 different drum sets built into it and more can be downloaded from the Internet. Each programmed set has totally different kick, snare, tom, hihat and cymbal sounds. Furthermore, you can "stack" the drum samples, meaning, for example, you can assign multiple snares samples to one triggered snare creating a totally unique snare sound built from multiple snare samples all put into one. On top of that, you can add effects like reverb, ecco,gates ect. to each sample.

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